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Now is the best time to invest in the development of fantasy sports applications. Why? An app-based fantasy sports market share is predicted by Globalnewswire to grow at a CAGR of 14% with an overall growth of more than 119% from 2020 to 2026. The demand for fantasy sports apps grows rapidly, gaining new momentum with more than 45,9 million players worldwide.

The number of features you want to include determines the amount of time and cost necessary for your app’s development process. …


  1. Introduction: Why DevOps for SaaS is necessary

Why DevOps for SaaS is necessary

SaaS companies pass stages of their development from a startup to a successful mature company, like any other business. Okay, okay, this is not news. BUT their growth and evolution are highly dependent on the product life cycle and development life cycle, as, in essence, SaaS is a web-based product hosted on the Internet and users get access to it via a browser.

At the startup stage, a core team suggests a software solution that solves the problem meeting…


  1. Introduction

In May 2020 after Google’s update of the algorithm, a lot of sites lost their positions and traffic, because they were not prepared. To prepare your site for the Core Web Vitals update you need to improve it right now! To calculate all the changes you make with your site Google needs at least one month (if you have enough traffic there). And to make your site faster and better…


  1. Sports app industry overview and types of sports apps

Sports app industry overview and types of sports apps

The Sports Category preserves significant positive growth by revenue. Let’s take a look at the Market Revenue Forecast for the Sports Category for the App Store and Google Play (net revenue growth through 2023). …

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  1. Why Start Edtech Startup Now

Why Start Edtech Startup Now

If you are searching for the answer to “how to start an ed-tech startup”, most probably you have the feeling that there was no better time for this than now. Educational institutions — private and public — are actively introducing distance learning, the number of online schools is growing, people care for self-education for building their career and promotion.

To prove it with figures, in 2019, the market size…

If you are looking for App store optimization tips, that probably means that you’ve successfully put your app in the App Store, Google Play, or both. If not, check this article and learn how to make it seamlessly, as there are a few tricky things about it. Anyway, to rank high in app stores, you’ll need to work on the app’s meta, graphic content, alter them, do a lot of A/B tests to find the best combination of the keywords used by your target audience. The hard part in ASO is to place all the desired and relevant keywords into…

In the startup world, if you want to be a successful entrepreneur and create the next big app, you have to follow trends and explore success stories. The latest media explosion of the Clubhouse app has drawn our attention and stuck us to the topic.

We are 100% sure that you’ve already browsed info about what Clubhouse is or even have got an invitation to use it, but for those who are on their way, we provide a sneak peek into the mystery of the Clubhouse app. …

App builders (no-code and low-code platforms) broke into the app development market not so long ago. The rise of interest started in the 2010s. However, the idea of developing software without software developers has been discussed since at least 1982. James Martin published a book called Application Development Without Programmers. Today low-code and no-code platforms and tools all go under the terms app builder (sometimes app creator, drag-and-drop builder, DIY builder).

A low-code platform offers a method for creating software with minimal coding. However, low-code platforms are usually piloted by developers who add custom, hand-written code where required. …

Online food ordering and delivery skyrocketed in popularity in 2020 and there’s no sign of slowing down. With whole countries going into lockdowns and quarantines during the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, families and single people don’t always have all the necessary ingredients to cook wholesome meals at home. Sometimes the lack of motivation also plays a role, since ordering food is one of few pleasures left under quarantine. Statistics says that more than 70% of Americans opt for online food delivery. And what’s great for your food delivery startup, apps are increasingly more popular among consumers than websites.


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