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Take a look at how online games have changed over the past ten years. They have become bolder and more diverse. They have reached a big audience, bigger than ever before. They have received great attention, greater than ever before. They have earned lots of money, more than ever before…

Often in our practice, we, as a cross-platform development company, face the following questions: Will cross-platform do for my business? What benefits will I get if I choose cross-platform app development? How much does it cost to develop a cross-platform app? …

If you are an entrepreneur, who wants to begin your startup, if you are looking for ways to do it in the best possible way, if you worry that the developer or team won’t understand you the way you expect, this article is for you.

Have you ever heard about…


  1. Must-have features

2. Advanced features

3. Conclusions

Now is the best time to invest in the development of fantasy sports applications. Why? An app-based fantasy sports market share is predicted by Globalnewswire to grow at a CAGR of 14% with an overall growth of more…


  1. Introduction: Why DevOps for SaaS is necessary
  2. DevOps for SaaS: best practices and their benefits
  3. Defining cases when DevOps is useful

Why DevOps for SaaS is necessary

SaaS companies pass stages of their development from a startup to a successful mature company, like any other business. Okay, okay, this is not news. BUT their growth and…

Table of Contents

  1. Why Start Edtech Startup Now
  2. Set Yourself a Direction Where to Move With the Idea
  3. Market Research
  4. Product Concept
  5. Monetization
  6. Education Startup Funding
  7. Where Can I Find an E-learning Development Company?

Why Start Edtech Startup Now

If you are searching for the answer to “how to start an ed-tech startup”, most probably you have the…

If you are looking for App store optimization tips, that probably means that you’ve successfully put your app in the App Store, Google Play, or both. If not, check this article and learn how to make it seamlessly, as there are a few tricky things about it. Anyway, to rank…


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