Anadea Ranked Among Top Web Development Companies in Belarus

Belarus is rapidly earning the reputation of the most preferred country for outsourcing of IT services. Many Belarusian companies are now successfully competing with the leading IT firms across the globe. The situation has reached the point when it is becoming difficult for service seekers to select a reliable IT partner, and not because of the lack of able companies, but due to the high level of competition.

To improve the situation for service seekers as well as for providers, research-and-review platforms, like, are assessing IT companies on the basis of their core services. It helps worthy companies get high visibility whereas the clients can make informed decisions about the service providers that meet their needs the best.

The most recent analysis, conducted by TopAgency on IT companies in Belarus, was based on the core services of web development. The researchers have analyzed numerous web development companies from Belarus, regardless of their scale of operations. As long as the company has a reliable market position and is providing web development services, it was considered qualified for the analysis.

What makes this research special

The companies were not chosen only for their market reputation, which usually is proportional to the time they have been operating in the industry. Instead, the analysis appraised all the companies on the basis of their services and customer reviews, giving each deserving company an opportunity to prove their worth and create an outstanding image out of the prevailing competition.

It’s fair to say, that since the platform has included a larger number of companies in its research, the assessment has become more stringent and specific to what customers are looking for. So, the assessment was carried out and the companies were scored based on the customer-oriented parameters. In the end, the platform has chosen a total of nine companies on the basis of their overall performance in the analysis. The chosen companies were stated to have a high reliability, ability, and customer-orientation scores.

Anadea heads the list of top web developers in Belarus

We are proud to be rewarded with a high rank among the selected peers. And the rigour of the analysis has made this achievement even more remarkable. What more? Anadea was also given a personal review from the TopAgency editors that highlights the major reasons for our inclusion in the top ranking.

For Anadea, the editors have written that the long experience in the market has made our experts more skilful and efficient in solving the project requirements. So, being true to their original commitment, it was not the mere years in the market that has made the analysts rank us on the top. Rather, it was a product of that experience, which enables us to bring more value to the customer that has contributed to our top ranking. Apart from that, the editors have also complimented our agile work style, attributing it for the successful implementation of the projects we undertake.

In the end, the editors have briefed about some of the client reviews that the analysts have collected during the research. As per this part of the report, our clients are appreciating us for our project management skills, good communication, and the deep understanding of project requirements. We are grateful to our clients for acknowledging our skills and promise to provide them with even more reasons to give us good reviews in the future.

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We build software and we do it right | Custom web and mobile development |

We build software and we do it right | Custom web and mobile development |