Apple WWDC 2017: New Opportunities for Businesses

Originally published on the Anadea blog: Apple WWDC 2017: New Opportunities for Businesses.

We finally saw what Apple presented this year at WWDC annual conference. It’s definitely one of the biggest and the most innovative Apple’s developer conferences we could see in past couple of years. The most powerful Mac, ARKit, HEVC codec are just few of many cool WWDC announcements. Apple knows how to keep things exciting!

Apple continues to push the technology industry towards the bright future. They haven’t introduced a laser keyboard, neural interfaces, infamous “iPhone parachuting system” and other things people love to speculate about. But they did other great stuff. Apple removed 3,5 mini jack input last year. This year they are eliminating JPG. They showed us the most powerful Mac ever. They showed us the most powerful iPad ever. They made Siri a polyglot and gave ARkit to app developers.

Let’s see how new products and updates unleashed at Apple WWDC 2017 can change the IT industry.

WatchOS 4


Last year I had a talk with iOS developer and I asked him: “These new AR and VR technologies seem to be sweet piece of cake, why Apple continues to ignore them so stubbornly?” The answer was: “Apple understands that these are temporary toys, so what’s the point of working with not serious projects?”

And here we are. Apple has finally admitted these technologies and that’s saying something. Now, thanks to ARkit, we have a green light to develope AR and VR applications for iOS. Who’s now temporary?!

iOS 11

Apple Pay is now available through iMessage. Finally! Google Wallet can do that since 2015. So it’s about time to introduce that feature, Apple!

Siri will speak in 21 languages with male and female voices, it even has the translator feature now. Thanks to machine learning, the assistant will be more flexible and human-like. It will learn about users tastes, preferences and habits for more personified suggestions. And all that is confident! That’s great and with new Homepod it’s a huge step toward the smart home concept. Soon everyone will make apps for the smart home, so it’s a good time to begin to working on your own idea.

Goodbye, JPG! You will be replaced with HEVC. New codec makes photos better and smaller in size. Simple as that. Dear startupers, we need JPG-HEVC converters asap!

Other updates impact design and the look of new OS.

New devices

I guess, while making these computer upgrades, Apple engineers’ thought was “Not enough power!” And that’s how iMac Pro appeared. 18-core processor Xeon, 16GB VRAM, 4TB SSD, 128GB ECC RAM. You heard me right and it’s too late for April’s fools jokes. It has a spaceship capacity and can be used for creating high-end VR apps… if it won’t melt.

Another cool new device is iPad Pro. 9.7" tablet with A10X Fusion Processor and 12-Core graphic chip. It has the same iPhone 7 camera and 64GB storage memory which makes it ideal for producing photo and video content. With the file system similar to the one in macOS, iPad Pro finally looks like its original device — the one between phone and laptop. It’s really easy to shoot and edit videos on it, so it would be nice to see some handy apps for that.

Wrapping up

Also, new devices look amazing. The more capacity we have, the more complex and interesting apps will be produced. All this leads to innovations and brings us closer to the bright sci-fi future.

Thanks so much for reading, we hope you enjoyed our view on Apple’s 2017 WWDC highlights. Don’t forget to check out Anadea blog for more IT news and other interesting IT-related articles!

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