What to Consider When Creating a Language Learning App

Learning new languages is important today, as it is a chance to expand business activities, find new opportunities for employment and to improve one’s intellectual capability.

Luckily, today’s learners have more options for learning foreign languages — some of them prefer to learn formally by attending classes, others opt for digital means. For people with busy schedules who want to acquire new skills, using a language app is an effective option. A language app provides a portable way to learn and allows learning anytime, anywhere, despite the challenges learning a foreign language presents.

In 2015, the market for digital learning of the English language alone was worth about $ 2.8 billion and the projection is that it will climb up to $ 3.8 billion by 2020. This means that creating a language app may become a source of income for businesses.

Read about Things to Consider When Developing a Language Learning App.

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